Corporate Compliance Seminar held on May 23


On May 23 of 2014, Corporate Compliance Seminar, as the first phrase of series of Company Law Seminars, was hosted by Law View Partners Law Office at Greenland Marriott Hotel. More than thirty professionals from all walks of life participated the event.

In the Seminar, Flora Lu firstly elaborated the definition and necessity of corporate compliance, having made the attendees have a general understanding of compliance. Then, Annie Wang, Founding Partner of the Firm, addressed on how to manage risks of commercial bribery and monopoly so as to achieve compliance in the course of company operations. After that, Managing Partner, Michael Qu, analyzed the topic of compliance management in the corporate merger and acquisition based on his ample experience in corporate practice. At last, Anson Shen elaborated the prevention and control of legal risks from the perspective of employment law.

After the lectures by four lawyers, the attendees raised some questions they have encountered in the corporate compliance, which was then answered and clarified by our lawyers. At the tea break, we also sent out questionnaires related to the Seminar topic, the result from which has already illustrated the necessity of corporate compliance was highly valued by many company managers, and the Seminar has just satisfied their need to a great extend.  

During the Seminar, our four lawyers introduced the great influence of compliance throughout the entire corporate operation and practical approaches to achieve to the maximum extent the corporate interests though compliance management. The Seminar has presented itself a valuable and successful event for both small-to-mid sized companies and MNCs. Later on, we will host seminars on other topics related to corporate practice, please stay tuned.